two months [but closer to three]

A few things to remember about Jake at two months old, even though we're now closer to the three month mark (sigh..)

+At around eight weeks old, he'd "slept through the night" two or three times, but not in a row. Baby books say sleeping through the night is a five hour stretch---uh, what? I believe a good night's sleep is a full eight hours, so while we'll take what we can get, I'm not celebrating quite yet.

+Still wearing his newborn onesies and he's finally filling them out. We're starting to see some chubbiness develop although he's still pretty long and lean. I'm dreading the day he finally outgrows his newborn clothes.

+Car rides knock him out before the end of the driveway. Consequently, he sleeps through anything fun we do: the park, shopping trips, visiting friends, etc. He also sleeps through church--and he can't blame the car on that one (but he can blame the sling). I'll admit, it is pretty convenient. I also dread the day I have to put him in the nursery because he's too vocal while Jason's trying to preach.

+Baby J's overall demeanor is still pretty relaxed. Bath time, diaper changes, car seat...he rolls with the punches. The kid does love to stretch out though. One of my favorite things is to get him out of his car seat after he's been cramped in there just a little too long because he immediately starts to stretch out but stays frog-legged at the same time. I need to catch it on video, this doesn't do it justice.

+He likes to lay with one hand almost behind his head. Every once in a while (although he's finally realizing his mistake), his little fist will grab a handful of hair and he won't be able to release it. These are the only times I've ever heard him really cry out and honestly, it's hard not to laugh once I realize he's not in imminent danger. Poor kid!

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