Christmas morning at home

Christmas morning at home was relaxing, calm and exactly what I'd hoped for. I love to let Christmas morning linger on so we took our time unwrapping and enjoying each gift. We'd set Jake's train table up for him to see first knowing full well that he'd never even glance at another present while the table was nearby. So after he played with the table and Deric and I opened our gifts, Deric moved the table out of the room so Jake could unwrap his castle and pirate ship. It was so fun to see Jake explore his new toys and to watch Deric play pirate-versus-knight while Jake belly laughed. Those two are best buds, no doubt about it.

Once we finished with presents, we took Jake's truck and tricycle from his grandparents for their inaugural spin up and down the driveway. He hasn't quite figured either out yet but will grow into them by the spring when our driveway will surely become his racetrack. Overall, a great Christmas that I'll remember for years.

 ^^wiping his nose. at least he's aware of his need for a kleenex?

^^not our best attempt at hiding the table.

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