first* annual family Christmas Eve** photos

*Okay, so we've technically been a family for four years but I never thought to take Christmas Eve photos when it was just the two of us. And last year's photo of the three of us is horr.en.dous. mostly because of my impulsive decision to cut my hair short only weeks prior...so that one doesn't count. See Jake's not-blurry-because-he-couldn't-walk-yet photo from last year.

**After Christmas Eve service, I had Deric + his parents sweating bullets in an attempt to get just one not-blurry shot of Jake actually in front of the tree and actually looking at the camera (smiling would have been filed under 'Christmas miracle'). Then after Jake had gone to bed and we'd all changed into our sweats, I happened upon the flood of family Christmas photos on Instagram and realized um duh, should have gotten a pic of the three of us (which would have helped with the Jake-staying-still conundrum). So these "Christmas Eve" photos are actually from Christmas Day after Deric allowed me to dress us all back up again for just enough time to get a photo. And then, back to sweats and our regularly scheduled programming.

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