first (and likely only) snow day

Things are definitely looking up today after yesterday's whine fest. We woke up to just enough snow to cover the ground for a few hours, and that fact certainly cheered both of us up. Deric's not in any way a fan of snow, but I'm always glad to see some white in place of the typical brown + gray. I dragged Jake's high chair into the mudroom so he could eat while watching the snow and he was pretty excited about the few lazy flakes that concluded our winter wonderland. After breakfast we threw on our puffiest jackets (brought out approximately once each year), I stuffed Jake into two layers of sweatpants and out we went to explore the very wet and muddy snow. I hoped we'd get as much accumulation as last year seeing as Jake couldn't really enjoy it then, but I'm glad we got at least one dusting. Despite my love of snow I'm still a winter weather lightweight so I called it quits about fifteen minutes in, but I'm pretty sure Jake could have stayed out until it melted despite his wet and freezing toes.

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