Disney Day Two

I've got a whole batch of photos from our day at Hollywood Studios and Epcot! After visiting Magic Kingdom the day before, it was noticeably calmer at both of these parks which was nice. We started the day at Hollywood Studios which has more shows and really no rides, which translates into plenty of time spent in the air conditioning.

To kick off the day we watched a Disney Junior show. Jake loved seeing Jake and the Neverland Pirates, the girls got to see Sophia the First, and everyone was happy to see Mickey and all his friends. All three kids were majorly into the show. Every so often they would rain down something like bubbles on the kids and during the Pirates portion, gold circle confetti (or "gold doubloons") came floating down. Jake spent the rest of the show crawling around and gathering all the confetti to bring back to us. It was hilarious and thankfully he didn't request that we carry the confetti around for the rest of the day, he just wanted to give some to his grandparents (who were in the back of the theater with a napping Reid). So sweet!

The only character Jake wanted to meet was Pluto! He was a little hesitant at first but Jake got up the nerve to hug him. As we attempted a family photo Jake tried to walk away from Pluto which explains his little grimace and Pluto's subtle hug. ;)

Deric snapped these pictures while Jake (and Reid, you can barely see him asleep in my arms!) and I waited to meet Pluto. And I love them so much I want them blown up and plastered around the house.

These stormtroopers marched around the park throughout the morning and it was hilarious to watch people's attempts to get pictures with them because the stormtroopers wouldn't stop and pose. So when Deric jumped next to this one, the stormtrooper kept marching and said "Calm down, citizen!"

This time we did stay together for all the attractions! 

We rode Toy Story Mania together and it may have been my favorite ride, only because I actually beat Deric's score. ;) As you went through the ride you had to shoot at arcade-style games and compete against the person sitting with you. Deric and Jake teamed up and I beat them by like 10 points! (Which is actually a little pathetic because the 3 year old did most of the shooting...but a victory nonetheless!)

After Hollywood Studios we jetted over to Epcot for the remainder of the evening. First up was a Finding Nemo ride and "Turtle Talk with Crush", an interactive show with one of the characters. It was really witty! I think the adults in the audience may have enjoyed it more than the kids. At one point in the show, the turtle (AKA a guy somewhere behind stage controlling the turtle on screen) asked the kids if they had any questions for him. A little girl asked how the turtle can breathe underwater. The turtle begins to say "Oh, I can swim for 10-15 minutes under water before I..." and then he suddenly jetted up to the surface of the water and off screen. The turtle comes back and says "Oh my gosh, I am SO glad you reminded me!" The joke probably doesn't translate well on here, but the adults in the audience were dying. It was really well done.

While waiting for the show to begin, we checked out the fish in the aquarium! 

After we finished seeing Nemo and his friends we got caught in a rainstorm that felt so good! Just enough rain to cool us off...and completely soak our stroller that was parked outside. We laid our rain jackets on the seats so the boys weren't too wet and kept on going. It was perfect timing to let Jake play in some fountains since he was already wet. I think this may have been the highlight for him--he played for a solid twenty minutes or so before we finally tore him away to head home. 

Once again we left earlier than the rest of the family who were staying for a late dinner with some princesses. Since Jake really has no idea who the princesses are, we capped off the night with a "late-night" (by three-year-old standards) swim back at the hotel before crashing early. Two days at the parks was plenty for us, we don't have the endurance that some families do!

It was so fun to experience Jake's first rollercoaster and to see him interact with the characters he knows, but just getting to play all day as a family was probably the best part for us!

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