Reid @ 4 months

Rolls over within seconds of being laid down. Its actually kind of killing us because he rolls over so fast and then gets stuck on his stomach. And he can roll over while swaddled in his crib, so he has yet to sleep the entire night in his room. Usually a few hours after we lay him down, we'll hear him on the monitor because he's escaped his swaddle and is trying to roll. So he ends up back in our room for the rest of the night, which we really don't mind.

Gums his fists, his feet, his blankets, our fingers...anything and everything with his reach. We're waiting for teeth to show themselves virtually any second. He's taken a liking to the Sophie giraffe teether which Jake never really cared for.

Smiles the biggest smiles for us anytime we catch his attention!

Loves to watch Jake and will bend himself all around to catch a glimpse of his big brother.

Does really well if I take him into his room, close the curtains and rock him to sleep about an hour after he's eaten. His little eyes will droop usually within a minute or two, but if I don't catch him in that window, he gets overtired easily and has to be convinced to fall asleep with a combination of rocking, swaying and shushing.

 Losing his hair slowly but surely! Its got a tiny hint of red in the sunlight. His blue eyes are still bright blue though and are commented on frequently by people!

Answers to Reid, Reidles, Reidle-deedles, Deedos, baby bur-Reid-o, and Toot-toots (that's Jake's favorite, thanks to the movie Zootopia).

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