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Last Saturday morning, I woke up with the urge to go explore somewhere different than our usual stomping grounds. The weather was warm (too warm for October, but it is what it is!) and we didn't have any plans so I threw out the idea of visiting Fort Kid, a big playground in downtown Knoxville. Deric agreed and an hour later we were all finally in the car. (I swear, going anywhere with kids is such a production!)

We knew that UT had a home game that afternoon so the city would be much busier but we weren't too worried about it since the playground wouldn't be high on the list for most tailgaters. ;) But it turns out, the parking lot was! There was no parking available in the vicinity of the playground so we changed plans and headed to Market Square to check out the farmers' market.

There was orange EVERYWHERE downtown, and not just pumpkins and fall leaves! UT fans are serious.

I'm so glad Jake loves Reid as much as he does! I can only hope the love continues when Reid gets big enough to steal toys...

I don't know how often we tell Jake to back up a little but he just can't keep his hands (and face) off the baby!

Good thing Reid loves him, too.

We played with these rafting toys for the longest time! The little water display was so fun and Jake was intrigued with how the toys could right themselves after flipping over in the water.

Stealing a sip of Dad's sweet tea after lunch. His face cracks me up! That's a southern boy right there.

As the weather slowly cools off, we're looking forward to spending more time out in the city and the mountains as a family! Knoxville is a fun place to live.

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