Mickey waffles and Mary Poppins!

I'm finally wading through all our photos from Disney and I've split them into three posts because there are quite a few pictures. First up, a Disney brunch!

 We visited the Grand Floridian resort on Monday before we went to the parks and ate a delicious brunch. Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, strawberry soup (pureed strawberries, sour cream and yogurt--surprisingly fantastic) and even gummy bears were on the menu. You couldn't go wrong.

While we were eating we met Alice and the Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, and Mary Poppins. Even though Jake has never seen the Mary Poppins movie, she quickly won him over. She asked him about the pirate ship on his shirt and he was off and running, chatting up his new best friend.

Jake bounced around with Tigger as well...and so did Deric.

Reid was there too, promise! He decided that he wanted to eat while everyone else was eating, so he wasn't available for many photos. ;)

After brunch we hopped on the monorail to see the other Disney resorts and get excited for our days at the parks!

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