Easy as Pie?

That expression could not be more wrong.

Last weekend, I felt courageous and made my first attempt at baking a pie from scratch...even the crust. I used the instructions from Joy of Cooking, which made me nervous because what I didn't notice when I started this venture is that there are paragraphs of instructions to read before you even get to the recipe. You need to know how to mix the dough for the crust, how to "cut" in the ingredients for said dough, how to chill the dough, how to roll it, and then how to get it into the pie plate. Here I was thinking that it would be as easy as making cookie dough, but apparently not. Pie dough is way different.

Anyways, after thoroughly reading the instructions over and again (I hate screwing a recipe up and wasting the food), I started the dough. Everything went pretty well until I pulled the chilled dough out of the fridge and couldn't wait patiently until it was warmed up enough. (Joy of Cooking told me that if its too cold, the edges split when you roll it out.) And sure enough, every time I rolled out the dough, the edges split like crazy and it stuck to the countertop (which drives me nuts). Instead of leaving the dough to warm up like I should have, I kept trying and trying because I figured that my hands would warm it up as I peeled it off the countertop and balled it up again and again. No such luck. So finally, I just rolled it out as much as I could and used the broken-off pieces to patch in the cracks. The end result? A crust that looks like a kindergartener made it :) (But we're going for taste, not looks!)

After the crust fiasco was over, I guess the rest of the pie was fairly easy. Maybe the "easy as pie" expression means everything else besides the crust...

Apple slices doused with cinnamon and sugar. I may have taste-tested a few, just to be sure...

Anddd...drum roll please, the final result! 

 Not too shabby. Didn't taste too bad either!

Notes for next time I attempt a pie: leave the dough alone until its ready to be rolled out, thus saving a good 45 minutes of frustration. Leave the pie in the oven for a few more minutes to make the apples softer. And maybe drizzle melted butter over the top to make the top crust softer?

Oh, and make sure you have friends who like apple pie, or else you and your husband will be eating through a gigantic apple pie for days.


  1. O.M.G! That's the first pie you ever made? It's beautiful and I want some!

  2. I think the next time we're together, we make pies. I don't think Deric or Tim would object. (or Isaac, let's be honest) I never have the patience to let things cool or sit for as long as they're supposed to, and then I figure out the hard way that people write directions for a reason.