Etsy Inspiration

 For the past few years, I've tried my hand at painting. Nothing great or grand, mind you, but simple designs and words. I'm much better at painting words than any objects, so I tend to find Scripture or other sayings and paint those alongside a simple design. Its been a while since I've painted, what with moving, starting a new job, Christmas, etc. Today I had the desire to start painting again and the verse about God taking care of the sparrows came to mind. I had no idea where the verse is in the Bible, so I Googled a bunch of various phrases. Come to find out I was thinking about verses in a hymn and the actual Bible verses were a bit long for me to paint, but as I Googled all different combinations, this etsy shop came up!

Everything in it is adorable. Turns out the woman behind this shop, Melissa Burger, also has a great blog too (burgerarts.blogspot.com), so I quickly hit "follow" on her page :) She's got printables, crafts, decor, organization...I'm in heaven. In her etsy shop, she's got all kinds of fabrics and prints available, from the alphabet...

...to beautifully illustrated Scripture. I am so jealous of her talent! 

How cute are the aliens?!

I want to buy every print in her shop. 

(above images from Melissa's etsy shop)

So now I've got some serious inspiration for painting, although I'm not sure I can top her designs :) Ah well, if all else fails, I'll just purchase hers! 

P.S. I've been wanting to recover an old bulletin board to put in our office/guest room, but haven't found cute fabric...I think my problem is solved!


  1. The two paintings you did for Isaac are awesome and very well done and I love my three paintings of peace, hope and love. You should do commission work!

  2. Yes, I love my paintings for Isaac's room...I'd like to think we work well together:) You have a very good eye for it! I just recovered a bulletin board, too. I found a picture frame to put around it and spray painted it white...so cute!