Flashback to my Younger Years

I say that like I'm ancient :) Although today, I do feel kinda old as I realize that I got my driver's license almost seven years ago. Where has the time gone?! I feel like I graduated high school yesterday...

Why am I thinking about my driver's license? Well, after almost six months of living in Indiana, I'm off to the BMV to make it official. Last week my dad and I switched my car's plates from VA to IN, and now its (past) time to get my Indiana license.

And I'm a little bit nervous. You see, I have to take a written test to get my new license. Shouldn't be a problem seeing as I've been driving for a few years now, but I have to admit that when I tried to get my learner's permit, I failed the first time. Shame. So now I'm nervous I'll fail this test and look like an idiot. Thankfully, if I do fail today, I don't have to give my license back or anything; I just have to wait two weeks and take it again. I'd just rather not. So here I sit, trying to remember how many feet it takes a fully-loaded semi to stop in icy conditions; how many feet away to park from a fire hydrant; and what a red light at an intersection means (ha! calm down, I do know that one).

I should probably get back to studying. Wish me luck!

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