Pizza Sundays

Deric and I started a tradition without even realizing it: Pizza Sundays! Pretty simple, pretty self-explanatory. But I'll explain anyways;)

After church, all we can think about is food and a glorious, three-hour long nap (not kidding). Now, I hate boring sandwiches and Deric has sandwiches every day at work, but we definitely don't want to make anything that requires a lot of time (or dishes), so we always end up making pizza. Its perfect: takes about twenty minutes start to finish, it's deeelicious, and there's hardly any dishes. And even better, its super cheap thanks to Walmart's $0.40 pizza crust. So without fail, every Sunday has become Pizza Sunday.

So good.

I've realized that while I've had more experience making "real" meals, Deric's pizzas are always better than mine. No idea why, but his pizzas always have that perfect ratio of sauce + cheese and his crust is always better too. He tries to deny it, however, saying that he can't taste the difference...but I think that's because he just wants a head start on his three-hour nap :)

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