That's all the French I know. Its also the only way I could think to introduce these incredible photographs from little brown pen. I found LBP while browsing aimlessly through blogs this afternoon, and I love these photographs! Its such a simple idea to do a series featuring one specific color & it looks so great!

Their story: the couple from LBP lived in Paris briefly, now lives in New Jersey but commutes frequently between New York City and Paris. Their website, blog and etsy are all inspired by Paris...hence the photographs. 

Their etsy shop features collections of photographs in a variety of colors, & every single collection is amazing. It makes me want to whip out my camera & try a collection of a specific color. But then I remember I live in Indiana and its February....so the only color I could do is white:) White ground, white trees, white sky...

There could be potential for some sweet pictures of all the white...if I could brave the cold long enough to take the pictures :) 

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  1. The pictures you posted on FB of the branches, seed pods and stems all surrounded with ice are great! You should take pictures when everything starts to melt. See if you can get the drips as things thaw. Spring will come one day and they you'll have lots of colors!