Makin' Some Progress

Our spare bedroom is still full of our odds & ends...on the bed, the desk, the floor, shoved in the closet. I get overwhelmed every time I walk in the room because I just don't know what to do with all of it. Its not stuff we can get rid off, but it just doesn't really have a place anywhere else in the house. Ideally, I'd buy those cute organizing boxes that I'm seeing everywhere, but not when they're $7 each and I need a million.

So until I can find some sort of decent storage for everything, I'm at least trying to condense everything into a few big boxes so its not quite so scattered. I did make some progress in the room, though. I recovered a bulletin board I had in my room growing up. At least now all my pages torn from Real Simple have a place to hang where I can see them.

Covering and hanging this board barely makes a dent in organizing the spare room, but if nothing else, it makes me feel like I've been productive. I'd say that's something :) 

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