Most of our friends and family know that Deric and I have been looking for jobs since we got married last June. We've both got jobs that get us by for now, but we're looking for jobs that:
1) have something to do with our majors (imagine that!)
2) are opportunities for ministry
3) can pay our bills, with a little left over to save
4) ideally, include benefits

Yesterday morning, Deric's dad called to tell Deric that he has the strongest feeling that if Deric and I compile a list of all the churches we've applied to and pray over it, God will give us some direction, such as a specific church to follow up with. Neither Deric nor I have had someone tell us something like this, but we're willing to trust Deric's dad and God that with enough prayer, we may finally get some direction in this entirely-too-long job search. Last night, we prayed together and separately for an hour. Deric later said that a specific church came to mind while he was praying, but I didn't have anything in mind. Then all day today, I couldn't get Thailand out of my head. (Deric did an internship there for six months last year & they later offered him a youth ministry job, but we turned it down initially.) When I told Deric, he was surprised because he hadn't thought about it much.

Our game plan is to continue praying over the list for the remainder of the week and we hope that by the end of the week, we'll both have a specific church in mind...and we hope that God speaks to both of us, separately. I'd really appreciate prayers from all of you for discernment for us during this week (and always). We know God has something in mind for us and that it will work out at some point. We just hope its sooner rather than later :)


  1. One of the hardest things to do is try to decifer where God is telling you to go. It was such a huge/scary/exciting/big decision for us to make the move to IN, but I'm so glad we did despite the incredible distance from family. Maybe you can email/fb message me the list of possible churches & we can help you pray:) But I refuse to pray about Thailand. It's best for Isaac. :) JK. Love you!

  2. Ditto on the list for me & dad. We're praying with you. Leave a blank line at the bottom of the list for a yet-to-be-revealed ministry opportunity. Pray for all opportunities to be revealed to you, ministry happens everywhere - God is faithful!

  3. thanks for the support! i'd appreciate ya'll praying for discernment for Deric & me. we'll pray over the list & that way everything's covered :)