Happy (incredibly belated) Birthday, Foo!

January 21st was my younger sister Sarah's birthday. For her gift, I thought I'd paint her favorite Scripture on canvas. I came up with the idea about two weeks before her birthday...and didn't actually finish the gift and mail it until last Wednesday, February 2nd. Just a tad bit late.

Ah well, its the thought that matters, right? :) Now that she's finally got it, I can post the picture to show everyone the four of you who read my blog!

This verse seems to fit Sarah. She's matured so much in her personality, education and especially in her faith, and I think its because she's learning how to make God her strength and portion. Every time I talk to her and the few times a year I see her, I'm so impressed by her. Its always a good mix of amazement at how grown up she is, admiration of her growing faith, and a sense of relief that she always be my best friend, Foo, who talks in a lisp with me :)

Montebello 2008

Happy birthday, Foo! I love you!


  1. Ok, stop making me cry please! You two are the most beautiful sisters anyone could ask for and, yes, I'm just as proud of BOTH of you:)

  2. p.s. i'm not kidding, start an etsy shop! geez!

  3. Um.. I would so buy something from you if you start an etsy shop! That picture doesn't look painted at all.. it looks like something digital.. you are so talented ashley!

  4. well thanks guys! i've thought about it...and will keep thinking about it :)