Lucky Me

A few weeks ago,  my friend Paige received a personalized stitching (is that what they're called?) from her friend Christal and put a picture of it on facebook. I commented on her picture and said that I loved the stitching-- its really creative. Turns out that Christal is starting an etsy to sell her stitchings and offered to make me one as a trial & for some publicity. Score! I got mine ours, really, yesterday. Take a look:

Isn't it cute? I love it! I especially like how she made the buttons pop over the frame.

Christal's etsy isn't up and running quite yet, but be on the lookout for 'I Sewpose' by Christal Huth. (Love the name!) I'll post the link when she gets it started. In the meantime, I should probably figure out the correct name for the "stitchings"...

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