Happy Feet

I cashed in on one of my last birthday presents this weekend. Melanie got me a gift certificate so we could get pedicures together, and we both fully expected to wait until some time in April before pretty toes were necessary... but then summer came three months early. With it being consistently in the 80s lately, we got our pedicures sooner rather than later.

(The last pedicure I got was with Courtney when she was graduating from high school and I was in eight grade. That was approximately ten years ago.)

(I wish I could get a pedicure every week. If I was rich and famous, I'd have someone blow dry my hair every morning while I got a pedicure. Multi-tasking!)

Anyways, it was perfect. They even gave me a Coke which was icing on the cake. The only drawback: my feet are way too sensitive and ticklish. I had to keep a death grip on my knee to stop my reflexes from making me kick the technician in the head. It didn't stop my feet from jumping a few times though... but what can ya do? I tried my best to stay still, although the technician probably wouldn't believe that. She didn't smile much.

Can you see that death grip and my grimace/laugh?

So now my feet are fancy and smooth for the first and only time of this spring/summer, thanks to Melanie!

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