Mind Your P's and Q's

I love teaching preschool. It's so easy to create steal from Pinterest activities to go with each letter/ holiday/season/theme you could think of. Even better, learning is still fun when you're three and four. We spend entire afternoons outside on the playground, running, climbing, and searching for bugs. And there's no guilt in that-- it's the best learning environment around.

Last week was the letter P. We were a happy bunch of paper plate pirates (a la Pinterest) minus this guy, who refused to draw a smile, saying "Piwates aw mad guys!"

This week was the letter Q, which is trickier than P. We made crowns since Q is for Queen, but the boys were kings 'cause only girls are queens (and princesses), but 'queen' is what starts with 'Q'...so we'll see if any of them actually understood this one.

Next week, rainbows and rabbits! Much easier to explain than gender-specific royal titles. ;)

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