Projects, Prom, Pizza and Popcorn

Friday, the start to our weekend. (Deric works Sundays, so Fridays are off.) Sonic Happy Hour for strawberry limeades. Rain, rain, rain, followed that night by a severe thunderstorm and ten seconds of hail. Putting up the shelves Deric built for me. Movie date to the dollar theater to see The Muppets (no good, btw).

(Friday: popcorn). Saturday, more projects! No rain, so we spent the morning/afternoon in the garage. Peeled paint off an old shutter (?) we found in the garage. We have a plan for that guy. Started sanding the dresser I got from my parents' garage. Made SkMuffins for brunch (ok, not as catchy as McMuffins, but sorta fun to say! Plus, our version tastes way better.)
Saturday night, Prom of the Stars. Our church puts on this event in downtown Knoxville for the mentally and physically handicapped. Biggest party I've been to in a while. Look real close and you can see a looong conga line.
Saturday night, Jet's Pizza with two kids from our youth group. Sunday: comfort food for lunch, followed by a nap on the couch. Championship game for the church league team. And to round off a great weekend, I ran three miles tonight! First time since before Christmas!  

I should also mention that within one weekend, we had 70 degree days and we had snow flurries. Thank you, Tennessee. ;)

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  1. can we go to this Jet's Pizza place during my spring break for lunch one day?