Spring Break

Starting on the first day of spring, Spring Break could not have been better. It was in the 80s and sunny every day, allowing for plenty of time spent in the sun, lots of exercise, and a chance to catch our breath and spend time with people we love.

The highlights:

Sunday// Subway. picnic lunch at our favorite park. read together. two hour nap :)


Tuesday// back to the park with some little friends and their mommas. rode bikes and played in the sand. another picnic lunch.

Wednesday// hiked Abram's Falls in Cade's Cove with kids from church. third picnic lunch of the week. a literally perfect day for a hike: 75, sunny, good breeze to keep the sweat off.

Thursday// rode horses with two girls from church. and of course, saw The Hunger Games. (Spring Break wouldn't have been complete without it.) a 12:30 showing left us recovering all day Friday.

Friday & Saturday// sleep. catching up on household chores and projects.

Monday// (not technically break, but we'll count it.) zoo with good friends. my favorites: the sea otters, elephants, giraffes and red pandas. their favorites: the carousel & running as fast as their tiny legs can carry them from one exhibit to the next.

This week was yet another reminder that God has been so good to us! Days off, spring weather, fun outings with friends...I've got plenty to be grateful for every day!

P.S. Happy birthday to my wonderful dad! I'm always thankful for you and your wisdom, humor, advice, and I-don't-do-anything-on-my-birthday-that-I-don't-wanna-do spirit. Love you!


  1. Your week is enviable! Question: what program did you use to make your blog header?

  2. I used Aviary.com. They've got a few programs to choose from but I used whichever one was most like photoshop. It's not as good as PS, but it's free!