family weekend, part dos

Two weekends after my family came to town, Deric's family visited last weekend to help further break up the monotony that is weekends in the winter (i.e.: play trains/ball/puzzles, trips to Target, Netflix, bake cookies and repeat). Deric's parents and his nieces stayed with us while Deric's brother and sister-in-law enjoyed some time to themselves in Gatlinburg. The big events included watching Big Hero 6 twice (hilarious, Deric was cry laughing at Fred) and hitting up a nearby children's museum on Saturday morning. I'm glad we crossed the "children's" museum off our list with some older kids in tow because I would have been sorely disappointed had we gone with just Jake. Doesn't "children's museum" put a nice mental image of a very interactive, touch-everything kind of museum in your head? Me too, so imagine my surprise when almost everything in the very first room of the museum was labeled "Please don't touch".... Right. But luckily, not every room was quite so hands-off and everyone had a good time. Just don't look for any "Children's Museum Recap!" posts in the near future.

In and around our excursion to the museum, we spent most of the weekend at home where Jake trailed after his cousins lap after lap after lap around the dining room, through the kitchen, and back to the living room to play trains and/or cars to his heart's extent. God bless grandparents and cousins, amen.

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