so happy togetherrrrr

Well, at least two of the three are.

I promise Jake was enjoying the afternoon (and loves us), but he was completely and utterly concerned about whether or not a train would be visiting our favorite park. So concerned--no, obsessed-- was he that he wouldn't play on the playground and couldn't take more than one bite of his lunch without asking "train?" and pointing to the tracks. We finally all settled onto the park bench to wait for a train (that never came) and eventually Jake began to wander around, giving Deric and I a few moments to sit back and enjoy the perfect weather. Jake rarely explores on his own, usually asking either Deric or I to "tome" with him, so we were happy to see him exercising his independent side.

Back at home, Jake went down for his nap while Deric and I knocked out weeding a flower bed and cleaning up some stumps we had removed a few weeks ago. Dinner with friends rounded out a pretty good Saturday in my book. And now on to a week that, so far, has temps above 60 every day!

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