Jake // 22 months

Jake is too quickly approaching two years old so I should probably stop thinking of him as my baby, but I just can't! While he's definitely a "kid" in a lot of ways, he's still got some babyish traits lingering that I love, like when I pick him up when he's tired and he immediately shoves his hands under his belly and sticks his booty out. Or when he gets his pacifier before naps/bedtime, he'll start murmuring contentedly. But you know, other than those two things, I can't think of many baby traits left. Sigh.

Jake's definitely not a morning person (wonder where he gets that from?) and while he'll usually call for me in the morning, he's much happier if Deric's the one to go get him. He's for sure an introvert, taking quite a while to warm up to most people and situations but eventually having a good time. He continues to be incredibly helpful, especially if we need anything thrown into the trash or vacuumed with the hand vac. 

If he's feeling funny, Jake will yell out "cupcake!" or more recently "peaches!" and belly laugh until his face gets red, which makes us laugh too. In his not so funny moments, he gets frustrated very easily and will throw anything nearby to show his anger, but is good about picking up those toys and putting them back where they were. Any sternness from Deric sends Jake into tears because man, does that kid love his dad. Thankfully, he's quick to get over his frustration and can be back to smiling in no time.

Jake loves to count to himself (1-3-5-6-7-8910!) and recite his ABCS (A-B-C-H-I-J and repeat), and the ABC repertoire especially makes me laugh because he's just so proud of himself. The kid's got a lot of quirks and we love every bit of him, even when he's a scowling introverted early waker. 

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