new kid in town

We had a little visitor at the house today and I was completely surprised by Jake's behavior around her. I figured I'd have to keep a close eye on him because he might accidentally drop something on her or be too rough, but he was so gentle! And very interested too. Almost every time I came back into the room he was standing near her. At one point in the afternoon, she was on the play mat and Jake came to sit right (and I mean right) next to her, so we spent a few minutes talking about the baby (and trying to say her name, so funny!). Jake was totally enthralled by her duck pajamas, especially the duck footies. We named her head and her fingers, her feet and her belly and he loved to touch her head and hold her hand. Even after she was picked up, Jake would ask "baby?" every time he saw some of the baby toys out. Granted, the entire day wasn't quite so warm and fuzzy-- we had a few jealousy flare-ups on Jake's part and a few well-coordinated meltdowns between the two, but it was still a much smoother day than I expected. I'm going to start watching this little girl full-time after Easter so I'm glad our trial run was successful!

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