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Somehow this blog post didn't see the light of day back in March, and the memories are too cute to forget! I feel like I'm always grabbing my phone to write down the goofy things Jake says but it's so worth it to remember "toddler speak". And I have the worst memory ever; usually I can't remember what it was that he said even a few hours later when Deric gets home. So I fill up my Notes app on my phone and relive his antics hours or even months later!


While reading Eric Carle's "Rooster's Off to See the World", I usually change up the animals to make Jake laugh. Tonight I switched the turtles for kangaroo and Jake kept saying, "No Mom, tow-doles!" Deric and I laughed and asked him to say turtles again. He did and then threw his hands up in frustration and said, "Oh no! I can't even say my own word!" Hilarious.

sous chef!

We ate lunch outside today and while Jake was munching on his celery and peanut butter, he kept saying "This is my best part." At the end of the day I usually ask Jake what the best part of his day was, so this must have been his way of saying he was really enjoying that celery. ;)

Jake fell hard while running down the hallway. I told him that maybe we need to walk in the house and he said through his tears, "I just wanna run!"

A couple of months ago he had recently mastered putting on his tennis shoes by himself. He came in from the mudroom and showed me his shoes (which were on the wrong feet). I told him I was proud of him and he replied, "Something's not right here."

Also a few months ago, Jake heard Deric open the outside door to come in from work. He jumped up and said "Daddy's coming back to me! I better open the door." He takes his job of opening and closing the door from the mudroom to the garage very seriously, always shutting the door behind Deric in the mornings when he leaves and greeting him when he comes home.

^how he reaches the faucet to wash his hands

While tucking him in one night I told him it was time to be quiet and go to sleep. He immediately said, "So, how's Daddy?" I said he was good. "So, how's Mommy?" I said good. "So, how's I am?"

Talking about his army men: "This [gun] is a shooting thing. You shoot things out of it."
Me: "What do you shoot out of it?"
Jake: "Gums. Just like Daddy's gums."

He will ask us randomly, "Mommy/Daddy, are you having a good day today?" Extra cute when its first thing in the morning.

A while back, I let him try some hot chocolate in his very own mug and asked him, "So what do you think of your hot chocolate?" He replied, "I do think it!"

Randomly: "I have grapes in my kitchen...but I also don't."

^that little tongue always makes an appearance

"Mommy, you can make dinner but first let's play for three to five minutes."

"A cake is like a party that you eat." (Maybe we were talking about birthdays? Either way, this should be cross-stitched onto a pillow!)

After hearing "jealous" on his new favorite show, Dinotrux: "That guy is jealous!"
Me: "What's jealous mean?"
Jake: "Jealous is when you put something in your hair in the bathroom."
Me: "Like gel...?"
Jake: "Yes!"

In the middle of breakfast: "Daddy, I'm so proud of you for waking up!"

^blowing raspberries

While making a pile of army men: "Look! I made a heart for you and me!"

I asked him the other day what he wanted to do. He usually responds with simply "play". But that day he said "I'm building a house for us today. That's my project!" Guess we're churning out a mini weekend warrior. He loves to help Deric out in the garage with whatever building project he's in the midst of. This last weekend he came inside and asked me to get his tools for him from the toy closet, then marched back outside to help his daddy. On the way out he said, "Bye Mommy. Have a good day making peanut butter and jelly!"

bringing ALL of his tools to Kroger

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