the first two weeks with Reid

These first two weeks with Reid have really been a dream. Before he was born, I was obviously unsure about how Deric and I would balance both kids and how Jake would adjust to a little less attention from us, since he is all about his quality time. But its been great!

Of course, not every minute has been butterflies and rainbows (I actually got mastitis yesterday but with Tylenol and antibiotics, I'm feeling so much better today) but overall the transition to being a family of four is going pretty smoothly.  Deric took the week off from work which has definitely helped ease the transition and its been fun for all of us to have so much time with him home.

It seems like summer appeared just this week with temperatures edging close to 90, so we've spent a lot of time outside in the shade with all of Jake's water toys at his disposal. The water table we got for his birthday has already paid off and after pulling out his pool and seeing how quickly he'd outgrown it, we used some baby shower gift cards to purchase a much bigger inflatable pool. It arrived today so I'm sure we'll put it to good use this weekend...and all summer long! But even with the tiny pool, Jake had just enough room to make a pretty good splash and get just wet enough. He's not one to go all out on anything right away, so it worked out well.

^that face!

Reid and I supervised. ;)

Our first outing was to visit the library and the neighboring park. Some new books and movies have have helped keep Jake occupied when we're busy with Reid, plus the park next to the library is shaded and quiet and Jake loves to play by the stream. He and Deric rock hopped across the stream and he was so excited!

Since I no longer have to watch my blood sugar, we visited Menchie's for some long overdue frozen yogurt! I'll admit that its been hard not to go totally overboard on all the foods and dessert that I missed while pregnant, but certain things--like Menchie's-- just had to happen!

^Jake wasn't too happy to stop and take a picture in the middle of eating his yogurt. ;)

Jake was intrigued for about half a second by Reid's first bath but I think the crying scared him away. Thankfully Reid was back to his calm self as soon as he got snuggled back up. I hate those first baths when it seems like you're torturing the poor child!

Last Sunday night our church held its annual Memorial Day picnic and block party. Since our church is right next door, Reid and I came over to eat dinner and watch Jake ride his bike through the "car wash" that was part of the Mini Indy 500 event for kids before we went back inside because it was so.dang.hot. Our children's minister captured these really cute shots in that short time frame!

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