Berry Picking

I've never been berry picking before, but last week I tagged along with a sweet mom & her kids from our church. Since she's got two kids (and I obviously have none), I came along as the photographer so she can enjoy the day and actually be in some of the pictures. In return, I got to practice photography on some adorable subjects. Wish I could show you the two cuties, but seeing as I'm not their mom, I won't post their faces on the blog.

Here are some shots from the day; actually, they're the only pictures of about thirty that don't include the kids. It was blazing hot outside that morning, but thankfully the berries provided some shade.

I came home with 1 1/4 lb. blueberries, 1 1/4 lb. blackberries, and 4 peaches. All for under $6! And they were the best, sweetest berries and peaches I've ever had. Time to go get more.

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