Wedding Season

Deric and I have driven to Indiana twice in the past three weeks to attend weddings. Wedding numero uno, Deric was part of the bridal party for his good friend (who, as I write, is driving to their new home in New Mexico that we passed on our trip to Arizona).

Wedding numero dos, Deric officiated the ceremony. It was the first time he'd performed a wedding, and he did such a great job. It was sweet, sentimental, funny, solemn, and (in my opinion) perfectly fitting for  the couple.

They were married in her dad's brand new barn. It looked so cool-- the plank walls, the natural backdrop, and the bride hung Mason jars with candles from the ceiling and placed them along the aisle. (Unfortunately, you can't really see the jars in the above picture, but you can see the planks.)

We had a wonderful time at both weddings, catching up with Deric's friends from his two years at camp and from college. We reminisced about our wedding, reliving the day and mentioning moments we'd almost forgotten, how we felt throughout the day, which parts we loved and which parts we could have done without (such as the 104 temp), and how crazy it is that a year has already passed.

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