Summer Reading

My favorite pasttime in the summer is reading, with the exception of required reading in high school and college. As much as I love reading, I always hated the books we had to read in high school. Les Miserables was probably the worst, taking over two weeks for me to struggle through. The only required reading I enjoyed was Jurassic Park, required by my favorite teacher for AP Biology.

Anyways, I obviously don't have required reading this summer (and never will again, hallelujah!). These are a few of the books I want to get through before the summer's over. In past summers, I always read either next to the pool in Mom and Dad's backyard or at the beach in the Outer Banks. Sadly, I won't be going to the beach this summer and we don't have a pool nearby, but I'll survive. Hopefully. :)

I remember reading Mr. Popper's Penguins as a kid and I loved the idea of making your basement into a penguin habitat. I've heard the movie isn't much like the book, but I want to reread the book soon and then see the movie. 

 Everything by Lynn Austin is great, but I love her series The Chronicles of the King. Its a fictional account of King Hezekiah and his sons, and it really makes the Biblical account more real for me.

I've heard The Help is fantastic, plus they're making a movie of it that comes out in August. I've got this on audio book since I originally planned to listen to it on our 52-hour roundtrip to Arizona with the youth group a few weeks back. I didn't listen to it on that trip, surprisingly, but will get around to it soon.

I had no idea this book was even out until today, but I'm excited to read it! I loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series in high school. Apparently this book follows the girls in their upper 20s, so it'll be interesting to see what's changed since the high school books.

Do you ever wish you could read a book for the first time again? I wish I could reread all of the Harry Potter books and The Hunger Games trilogy. If you haven't read The Hunger Games, go get it! Its fantastic. Any suggestions for other great reads, feel free to pass them along!

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