The End of An Era

(Katrina, you better get that Friends reference...)

Midnight on Thursday found Deric and me in a theater full of crazed Harry Potter fans (including the kids from our youth group, who made tee shirts) anxiously counting down the seconds until the last Harry Potter movie began. Deric and I didn't dress up, but we were still really excited. I've been reading the books since I was maybe 11, so I feel like I have a legitimate reason to be slightly sad that the movies are over. Granted, I didn't cry through the entire movie like the 30 year old lady who sat next to Deric...

The books are always, always better than the movie. I tell that to everyone whose seen the movies but hasn't read the books. But this last movie was by far my favorite. They changed a decent amount from the book, but I'm okay with it. I think I was literally on the edge of my seat for at least two hours, cheering and clapping along with the rest of the theater. The movie producers were smart to include a lot of witty one-liners to break up the instense 2 1/2 hour fight between good and evil.

And now, its over. No more books, no more movies. Its sad because there's nothing to look forward to, but I can always reread the books. And I already am, just to make sure I don't get too depressed. :)

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