A Billion Tiny Pieces

For longer than I can remember, my favorite eye shadow has looked like this:

I refuse to throw it out and buy a new shadow although it drives me crazy to deal with all the teeny tiny pieces that inevitably fall out and dirty up the bathroom counter.

Enter Pinterest (of course). There's a tutorial out there that says if you mix rubbing alcohol in your smashed up shadow, you can make a paste and resurrect your favorite makeup. I figured I'd give it a shot since there's definitely nothing to lose, and it worked!

Its not as pretty as it once was (its hard to smooth it out with a spoon that's bigger than the compact). But its back in one piece, and that's what matters!

Shortly after I fixed my eye shadow, I managed to smash my foundation. I was about to drop it on the counter but in trying not to drop it, I dropped it on the floor and made it even worse. I haven't yet tried the rubbing alcohol with my foundation because I'm a little nervous it may not work on foundation. I'm going to test it on a small amount first but it should work, right? Eye shadow and foundation are kinda the same thing...

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