Just a Few Problems

I found two of these lamps in a clearance aisle at Target a few weeks back.

I checked the tag and immediately grabbed both lamps-- two lamps for under $25? Yes please. We've been wanting lamps for our bedroom since the overhead light seems glaringly bright at night.

As soon as I got home, I disassembled the shade from the base and took the bases out to the garage for some white spray paint. The shades were recovered in linen I had leftover from our headboard. Everything was fine until I actually brought them into our room and set them on either nightstand.

There's just a few problems.

Problem #1: Proportions are a little off. Next to the headboard, the lamps look teensy tiny.

Problem #2: Our side tables are so low that this is my perspective when I walk in.

Problem #3: I could have done a slightly neater job when recovering the lamp shades. :)

We're still using the lamps until I find taller lamps to take their place. Once I find those, I'll put these lamps somewhere else...somewhere high, like on top of a dresser, so I can't see down in the shade. And I may recover them again as well. I wish I could just redo the linen, but its hot-glued to the shade and will probably do a lot of damage to pry it off.

Live and learn, right? The lamps are still going to be put to use (just not next to our bed) so they're not a total loss. In the meantime, I'll be scouring Goodwill and Target's clearance!


  1. Put the lamps on top of a stack of books or a box to raise them up. You can hide your wrapping job by taking some of your extra linen fabric and make a trim that looks like seam binding and attach it to the outside of the lamp shade. Make it wide enough to cover the trim job. Or, cover the inside of the shade with white poster board (be really careful what wattage light bulbs you use). And remember, neatness counts . . . darn it!

    I think you conquered the tricky part of spray painting the lamps really well. The bases look good!
    Love, Your Mama

  2. my thought exactly.... not about the recovering, but about moving the lamps up... put them on a box and cover the box with a swatch of fabric or get some books from college that you don't read now and stack them tall, then put the lamp on top of the stack. Face the binds of the books toward the wall and just have the white pages facing out. Just a few ideas! proud of you for being so crafty! :)