November Already??

I know I said this in October too, but I can't believe how fast time flies! October was one of those crazy months that's over before you realize it but you can't figure out what you did during that time. Anyone else know that feeling?

October's goals:

  • Clean out my closet-- consign the clothes I don't wear and put that money toward new clothes for fall/winter --- in the process, hoping to be done this week. 
  • Carve pumpkins with Deric --- (and Chad) check
  • Make chili --- for the Halloween party, check
  • Make white chicken chili for the first time --- not yet, on the menu for this weekend
  • Plan & go to the annual Halloween Party for the youth group --- check
  • Find/make Halloween costumes for Deric and me --- check (see above link)
  • Bake something new --- nope, but I've decided on some sort of apple muffins
  • Continue training with Melanie-- 8K by Thanksgiving! -- check. I ran 4 miles twice this week! Farthest I've ever run!
  • Finish memorizing Isaiah 52:13-53:12 --- so close, but not quite. I've got about five more verses to go.

Five outta nine. Not too bad but then again, nine goals may have been a little ambitious. Especially since I completed a bunch of other projects I didn't think to put as goals, such as the mirror and painting a bedroom. Does anyone else write things on their to-do list they know they'll do (or have already done) just so they can check them off? Me neither.

So for November, here's my list.

  • Consign clothes.
  • Bake apple muffins.
  • Finish Isaiah 52:13-53:12. I WILL get it down!
  • Run the Hot to Trot 5K with my family on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Host Thanksgiving!
  • Paint the kitchen.
  • Try a new Crockpot recipe. (Deric loves anything cooked in a Crockpot.)
  • Paint the inside of our fireplace.
  • Paint the last bedroom and hang shelves to organize all my crafty supplies.
  • Run 5 miles at least once.
  • Finish a painting I've drawn out but haven't started to paint.
Seriously, what is wrong with me? Just realized that's eleven goals--two more than October-- and I only finished five last month. I should probably take the hint and aim for less goals so it looks like I've been more productive. But everything I listed for November is something that I've been wanting to do for a while and I just want to get it all done. Plus, holiday guests are always motivation to get your house in order, no?

P.S. It is officially the Christmas season in our house! We've already broken in Michael Buble's newest Christmas album. Its perfect.

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