Thanksgiving, Round 1

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I hope everyone is as fat and happy as I am right now! My family is in town and we're already into the leftovers and dessert (dinner was at 2:00-- don't judge!). We're gearing up to watch the Ice Age special on Fox and I thought I'd do some catching up on everything that's happened this past month. With two weekend trips plus Thanksgiving weekend, November has disappeared on me. Let's travel back a few weekends to Thanksgiving #1 with Deric's family, then later this week I'll catch ya up on Thanksgiving #2.

We headed up to Corbin, Kentucky to spend the weekend with Deric's side of the family at Cumberland State Park. It was a jam-packed two days filled with hiking, lots of eating, playing cards and board games, watching the Purdue v. Ohio State game (a big deal to that Indiana/Ohio family) and watching a "moonbow".

First up, a hike through the woods.

The majority of our hikes were through at least a foot of leaves...see? Can't even see my feet.

We hiked down to see Cumberland Falls.

I found a tree I could climb in, and how could I resist? Its not everyday you can stand inside a tree. ;)

Deric had to take a turn too. He tried to be sneaky, but to no avail. He also took a few 'senior pictures' which were very classy.

No pictures of the moonbow, sadly. We could only see it at night (about 9:30) and I didn't bring my camera because I knew it'd be nearly impossible to get a picture of it. Read the sign below for a mental image of the moonbow.

We spent time with Deric's parents, grandparents, brother, sister-in-law and niece (who's always the star of the show--seriously, what was our entertainment before kids?). We played Candy Land--she won-- and Life--she won again-- and the adults played cards while she passed out Life money to everyone.

This was the view from the restaurant at the Inn. Beautiful, huh? I'd like to see it when the leaves are still changing colors. The weekend was so fun that we may do Thanksgiving in Cumberland again next year, so maybe I'll get my wish!

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