26 months

Successfully sleeping in his "bigkidbed" [always one word] except for the few times we've found him on the floor in the middle of the night.

He says "wook! see?" about a thousand times a day. Today as I was cooking dinner, I overheard Jake showing Deric his banana and saying "is my banana! wook! see?" probably ten times in a row. His dad is definitely his number one buddy.

75% of the time he carries around three or more little Tonka trucks that a friend gave him.

After playing with friends at the pool, he's worked up the courage to jump off the stairs into the water. He'll jump off the side of the pool into our arms, but most of the time his "jump" is more of a fall about three inches down into our arms.

Jake's taken to "wooking at the peas" and will hunt for snap peas five or six times while we're playing in the backyard. He'll grab even the littlest peas before I can stop him, so we're all out of peas for the time being. He likes to hunt for "geen beans" as well and he recently learned to identify squash so he checks on the two little squash, saying "wook! stwash!".

While singing Jesus Loves Me, Jake's version went "the Bible tells me sooo...much."

I asked him what story in his Bible he wanted to read and he told me Jonah. I asked what happened to Jonah and he told me Jonah plays with Jesus.

Instead of answering "yes" to questions, he responds "Uh huh. I do."

Just these past few days he's constantly had his tongue out or his hands in his mouth. Are we really going through that stage all over again??

As we've gotten rid of his pacifier and moved him to his "big kid bed", we've talked a lot about M&Ms. Jake will tell me every so often that he gets "weh-men M's" because he's a big kid. He really is becoming quite the big kid! [Sob.]

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