in the "big kid room"

Since moving Jake's room around to make it more toddler friendly, we've been spending a lot more time in there. (He now refers to it as his "bigkidroom"-- one word, just like his "bigkidbed". He's so proud!) He likes to sit on his bed to read books and color at his desk, which Deric's parents gave to us. Its a little big for Jake right now but he'll grow into it quickly. I'm amazed almost daily at how responsible he is, putting things away without me asking (a touch of my OCD passed down, uh oh!) so he likes to store his coloring books and crayons inside the desk. 

All the sudden he's become quite the stuffed animal hoarder. In his crib he didn't sleep with anything but his two blankets, and now he has to have his frog and penguin with him. He tries to get his puppy and (gigantic) bear too but then there would be no room for him in there!

This afternoon I finally got around to packing away the clothes he's recently outgrown. I tried his jacket from last year on again (because its a 3T so I thought surely..) and to my surprise, he kept the jacket on for a while and added his size 6M beanie. It killed me to see his little ear sticking out the side while he nonchalantly played with his trucks! Too funny.

^"wook, Mom! my jacket."

I also taught him to put his socks on his hands which he got a big kick out of...until he tried to take them off and put them on again himself. So that was a good time that quickly deteriorated, but such are a toddler's mood swings. He always bounces back pretty quickly.

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