4th of July staycation

Jake spent a long weekend over the Fourth of July at Deric's parents' house, along with his two cousins. He had the time of his life: they rode the golf cart and the tractor (and rode in Grandpa's new red truck all weekend, a definite hit), went swimming on the 4th and watched fireworks, rode bikes at the park, and went to a local pizza place that sends a train to your booth to deliver your drinks. (I can only imagine the sheer glee that followed that discovery!) When we met up with everyone at the end of the weekend, he still had eyes only for Grandma and Grandpa and he was so upset when we left. It was heartbreaking but I'm glad that he had such a fun weekend.

[insert videos of Jake doing cute things once we get those videos from the g-rents]

While Jake was gone, Deric and I worked on a few furniture projects and finished painting Jake's toddler bed. We had plans to rent paddle boards at a park nearby, but it rained the entire weekend. Almost nonstop torrential downpours, so unfortunately it was a more low-key weekend than we'd planned. But even that was kind of nice because Deric caught up on some movies he wanted to see and I started a new book. We did eat out quite a bit and went rock climbing, something we haven't done together in quite a few years. I love climbing but always forget until I'm halfway up the wall just how afraid of heights I am. :) So even though I was petrified half the time, we enjoyed doing something different together.

^blurry thanks to my fear of falling off the wall while taking the pic

^blurry thanks to the woman who either didn't care about getting a decent picture, or who didn't know her way around an iPhone. because honestly, i debated asking her teenage daughter to take it instead. Even I'm getting schooled on technology by teenagers!

By the end of the weekend, we were both so ready to get Jake back. Even though we definitely enjoying sleeping in and having uninterrupted conversations, the house was just too quiet. And we did get a few more bonus days to sleep in because Jake slept hard until 8:30 the first day home and later took a four hour nap. I think that's a pretty sure sign he had a fantastic weekend. :)

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