can't hardly wait

Jake and I have been in Port Hope for the last few days while Deric is in Michigan at a CIY conference. We've been helping Mom get the house (and garden!) ready before everyone else gets here, most of them in just a few hours!

I'd been prepping Jake for Port Hope over the last few weeks and pointing out the highlights: riding the tractor, getting ice cream cones across the street, and playing with all of his cousins and aunts and uncles (and great aunts/uncles/grandparents too!). It's hard to believe that last year in Port Hope, Jake was taking some of his first steps to Grandad for licks of his ice cream cone, and this year he is running circles (literally, check my Instagram!) and talking to everyone about everything. I have a ridiculous number of photos from last year but Jake is much less thrilled to have his picture taken now so here's hoping I get at least a few grins caught on camera! We're so excited for the rest of the family to get here!

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