Jake on the lake

Friends of ours invited us out on their boat this past Saturday and it was an absolutely perfect night to be out on the lake. As we drove out to meet them we got caught in a torrential downpour complete with thunder and lightening so we thought we'd have to cancel our plans, but we watched the radar and waited about thirty minutes for the storm to pass. The rain cooled the night off and we stayed out until the sun went down.

It took Jake a little while to get accustomed to the boat and the feeling of bouncing over the wakes of other boats but once we got to swim and play around, he was in his element.

His favorite part of the night was probably swimming with his dad--no surprise there--but he was good buddies with our friend Dan by the end of the night after Dan let him steer the boat and showed him what button to push for the horn.

We didn't expect to be out so late but the night was so nice, the company was great, and Jake never even looked tired...until we got home and he crashed in less than a minute. It was a picturesque summer night, that's for sure.

^no worries about the lack of life jacket, we were anchored 
and there were two adults right outside the frame of this shot!

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