Deric's Birthday

Deric turned 28 on Friday. We've spent all weekend with his family, who came down from Kentucky and Indiana to celebrate with us. I've been trying for a while to think of what I'd write about him on his birthday, but I'm not a good enough writer to express how I feel about him, nor to express how highly I think of him. 

Michael Buble concert, October '08

But I can tell you this. The reason I became interested in Deric when I met him in college (besides his good looks) is that everyone who knew him had great things to say about him. Seriously, everyone. (And at such a small college, that's rare. Usually the rumor mill was pretty vicious.) But Deric was well-known and very much loved. He was friends with everyone (including professors), always ready to have a good time, and he was so full of integrity that he easily earned respect from others. And today, its still the same way. 

Easter '09

Living with Deric is so much fun. Every day, he makes me laugh too many times to count. Most of the time I can predict his jokes before he starts to say them, yet they still make me laugh. His witty comments, his facial expressions, the way he takes everything I say literally...all funny (to me, at least). My days wouldn't be nearly as entertaining without him. He's always ready to play, but he also knows when to get serious. Its a good balance.

Thailand, Christmas 09

Deric's one of the hardest workers I know. When we lived in Indiana and he had to lay cable all day in freezing temperatures, he wouldn't complain. He hated his job, but he viewed it as a mission field and he worked with a purpose. And if Deric says he'll do something, he does it. He told me once that if he's afraid he'll flake out on some commitment, he'll tell someone that he'll do it to keep himself accountable. And it works. He always keeps his promises.

Jamaica for our honeymoon

Deric takes his role as the spiritual leader of our family very seriously, which I'm thankful for. He's very disciplined about spending time in prayer and reading his Bible so that he continues to learn more about God. He shares what he's learning with me and with the kids in the youth group. His passion for God keeps me passionate about God.

Washington, DC, fall '10

Gosh, there's so many more good qualities in Deric that I could share, but I think you get the gist. :) To summarize: I love him, and life is definitely better with him around! 

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