October Goals

We just got home from camping with the youth group this weekend. We had literally perfect weather for camping: high of 60 yesterday, low in the 30s at night, sunny the entire time. It was a great weekend to kick off fall. Pictures to come once I've recovered.

(image from last fall @ my inlaw's house in Indiana)

I cannot believe its already October. I'm beyond excited for fall, but I also hate that feeling that time is just flying past me. I'm looking forward to (consistent) fall temperatures and of course, fall colors. Tennessee is gorgeous in the fall!

Before we get into October goals, let's see how I did on September's goals...
  • Try one new recipe each week-- checkcheckcheck (+ Pizza Rolls)
  • (Re)memorize Isaiah 52:13-53:12 --- sadly, the most worthwhile goal was the one I didn't finish.
  • Refashion one t-shirt -- didn't do it; probably won't since it's harder to refashion shirts for the fall.
  • Finish Couch to 5K training and run a 5K --CHECK!
  • Run at least 4 times each week -- check

And now for October's goals.

  • Clean out my closet-- consign the clothes I don't wear and put that money toward new clothes for fall/winter.
  • Carve pumpkins with Deric.
  • Make chili.
  • Make white chicken chili for the first time.
  • Plan & go to the annual Halloween Party for the youth group.
  • Find/make Halloween costumes for Deric and me.
  • Bake something new.
  • Continue training with Melanie-- 8K by Thanksgiving!
  • Finish memorizing Isaiah 52:13-53:12, since I didn't get it done in September.
I must be a little ambitious seeing as I only complete three out of five goals in September but am giving myself nine goals to finish in October. The October goals aren't all that hard though, so I should be good. Any tips for Halloween costumes are appreciated! That goal may be the hardest...


  1. white chicken chili? that sounds interesting so do that one soon xoxo

  2. Melanie has a great white chicken chili recipe!

  3. This blog might help you with your new recipe goals :) www.deliciousdays.com