Notes in the Margin 10.16.11

If you got rid of all your preconceived ideas about church, all the traditions you grew up doing, and all the trends that are common in churches, what would you be left with? If your only basis for church was the descriptions of the early church primarily in the book of Acts, what would church be like?

Based on those descriptions in Acts, when would your church meet together? How would your church honor Jesus' sacrifice on the cross? How would you accept members' financial donations? Who would teach? Would everyone meet together, or would you separate each age group and/or gender? What would you do for the majority of that time spent together? Would you pray, worship, teach, eat, play, work? Would you set a schedule for each meeting, or would you do something different each time?

Something to think about, huh?

Inspired by Francis Chan and his book, Crazy Love.

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