Pumpkins & Apples

One of my October goals was to carve pumpkins with Deric. We've never carved pumpkins together, and we barely had time to squeeze carving in before Halloween. So last night Chad came over and we had a pumpkin carving party.

Deric and Chad took over cleaning out the pumpkins while I made caramel apples. I've never made them before, but they're incredibly simple to do. Buy a bag of the Kraft caramels and there's a recipe on the back. Easy enough!

While the apples cooled in the refrigerator, we started the carvings. You'll notice a theme among our pumpkins...Chad calls it our Pop Culture Pumpkins.

I carved an Angry Bird.

Deric carved Dwight Shrute (from The Office).

Chad carved an Autobot (from Transformers).

As soon as I finished carving, my Bird's face fell in. :( Look closely and you'll see nails holding the face to the rest of the pumpkin. There's a nail on the right bottom corner of his beak...which I just realized looks like a nose ring! That's how I planned it-- my punk rock Angry Bird. ;)

Drumroll please... the finished product, proudly displayed on our front porch steps (for about five minutes 'cause it was 11:30 by the time we were done).

The pumpkins are back out on our front porch tonight and I'm hoping they'll last throughout Halloween weekend. I'm pretty sure we don't have to worry about pumpkin smashers, but I'll be keeping an eye out just in case. But really, who would dare smash an Autobot?? ;)

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