Ten Dollar Table

I found this side table at our local Goodwill for $10. I was shocked to find it for so cheap because our Goodwill is the most expensive one I've ever been too. Walmart is cheaper. For example, I used to get 8x10 frames (and the glass) for $1 or $2 at our Goodwill in Indiana. Here, an 8x10 with the glass is $5 or $6, but I can get an 11x14 for $5 at Walmart. Its a good thing they've got 50% off days occasionally.

But back to the table. I found it in May and planned to stain the entire thing a dark brown to match our coffee table. Fortunately, my dad saw the cell phone pic I sent my mom and he advised me not to stain it because of all the grooves on the legs that I'd have to sand...by hand. I hadn't thought of that. So I decided I would paint the bottom white and stain only the top. When my family came to visit for Memorial Day, Dad brought his electric sander and it took us no time to sand down the top of the table. I applied the stain the week after Memorial Day but waited to paint.

When I went to paint it, I planned to use primer and paint we already had and roll/brush it on. But as you can see from the picture, that didn't look so good. It also took forever to get in all those cracks and crevices. So I got spray paint and primer instead and covered the top with newspaper and Frog Tape.

It took me at least three more months to completely spray paint that table. I have no idea why I take so long to spray paint things, but it always takes me weeks (at least). I think it was late August when the table finally came in to the living room and I could get rid of the free dorm-room quality table we'd been using.

I can't say I'm thrilled with how the table turned out (if you look closely at the picture above you can see water rings--probably because I didn't seal the stain), but I'm proud of it because it was my first furniture re-do. I'm on the lookout for two more side tables for the living room, each with a drawer or extra shelf and with straight legs so I can stain the entire table. I haven't had luck at Goodwill so far, but tomorrow there's an antique festival in a town nearby...Fingers crossed!

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