Cheap Halloween Decorations

I forgot to take pictures of the decorations we had for our Halloween party yesterday, so they get their own post. I didn't plan for hardly any decorations for the party because we were on a budget, and as much as I like decorating, I knew decorations aren't as necessary as food and such. Food is definitely a priority.

Enter Jessica at How About Orange. She always has fantastic ideas that make me wish I'd thought of them myself (but at least I can steal her ideas). Like her trashbag spiderwebs. So simple and incredibly cheap. Cute, too.

Here's my version:

One trashbag makes two spiderwebs. We made eight webs and put them up around the youth room. They were perfect decorations because they were big enough to make a statement without needing to make millions of webs.

I'd hang them up on our front porch for trick-or-treaters, but unfortunately I'm pretty sure we won't be getting any trick-or-treaters tonight. A long driveway + a street with no sidewalks= no cute kids in costumes.

Happy Halloween! Hope ya'll are visited by cute trick-or-treaters!

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