Halloween Party

Tonight was our Halloween party for our middle schoolers and high schoolers. Neither Deric nor I have ever planned a party like this so we were both a bit nervous about how it'd go, but the party went really well and we had a lot of fun!

(I'm kinda limited on pictures I can show you because I don't post pictures that show the kids' faces. But if you know me in real life, check my Facebook for all the pictures.)

First off, can you guess who we are?

If you guessed Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus (and yes, we've been informed they're not dating..), you know too much about teen pop stars.

We kicked off the night with Minute to Win It's 'Dizzy Mummy'. (Candy corns are for the kids' protection.) Apparently it takes much longer than one minute to wrap someone like a mummy, but one minute is plenty of time to trash a room. :)

 Bobbing for apples was a much bigger hit than we anticipated. These kids were serious about those apples.

Look at her diving in! They were totally soaked.

I got the idea for a caramel apple bar off none other than Pinterest. It was fun and definitely tasty. We used a mixed bag of Halloween candy to get a variety of toppings, plus candy corn.

We also carved pumpkins, but I don't have pictures I can share of the carving. Between the church's Fall Festival yesterday and the Halloween party tonight I'm all sugared out...and its not even Halloween yet!

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  1. Glad to know about this Halloween party and this reminded me of my last year’s Halloween party which was arranged at a beautiful LA venue. Invited all our family and friends for this party and arranged a grand party with them.