Chef in the Making

While there are many drawbacks to working full-time after getting used to being home and doing whatever I wanted, there's definitely at least one perk: Deric makes dinner now! When I wasn't working, it was obviously my job to get dinner going. But now I don't get home until at least 6:30 and Deric's usually home by 4:00, so if we want to eat before 8:00, Deric's got to take over. I think he actually enjoys cooking more than I do. I'd rather bake. He's so good at timing it to be ready right when I walk in the door, too. I never got the timing down and would have to make him wait for a while. Always felt bad about that.

Anywho, tonight I came home to a brand-new meal that neither of us had eaten or made before: fettucine carbonara, a la Joy of Cooking.

Definitely not good for you, but it tastes good! I was impressed. Deric says he likes cooking because he's never really had to do it before and he likes experimenting with recipes. I say, have at it. I get to reap the benefits :)

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  1. Your Dad is the prime chef in our house these days since I'm usually at the gym until late in the day. It is a real treat to have dinner ready when I get home. Sounds like you and Deric compliment each other in your culinary skill sets!