Spring. Hopefully.

These little guys have been working so hard to grow. I don't know how they're doing it, considering the on-and-off snow, the floods when its not snowing, and the fact that I haven't seen sunshine in at least four or five days. (At least it feels like it.) They're all alone, too. I haven't seen a single blade of green grass, a bud on a tree, or temperatures over 40.

Despite all that, they're giving me hope that one day (hopefully soon), spring will actually be here...and stay for awhile. I think I still have to wait a few weeks though, seeing as its supposed to rain all day tomorrow and then snow Thursday. Hooray. Hope those little guys can make it through!

P.S. My mother-in-law informed me they're gonna be daffodils! I can't wait to see 'em-- daffodils are one of my favorites.
P.P.S. You know how words start to look funny if you stare at them for too long? I stared at daffodils to make sure I spelled it right, and now I'm wondering who came up with such a funny word for a flower...

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