Like Christmas Morning

That's how it felt yesterday morning when I was anxiously waiting for Fed Ex to drop off my brand-new sewing machine, my birthday present from Mom and Dad. (Thank you times a million!) Here she is in all her glory on my kitchen table, the only working surface with decent light. (We never eat there anyways.) 

Maybe it wasn't exactly like Christmas though, seeing as I knew what I was getting beforehand and had plenty of time to go to Walmart to pick up some basic supplies:

and stop by the library to pick out these:

I know, I know, a little ambitious. But if you look close, the bottom book is a complete photo guide, which is good for a beginner like me. The top three are for inspiration at this point. Its hard to be patient and dutifully work through the instruction manual to learn all the ins-and-outs of the machine, plus all the different stitches, tension, etc. But I'm making myself go slowly and thoroughly learn about the machine. Its a good thing, too, seeing as I've already jammed the bobbin twice... on my first day... doing a practice stitch. So, check back with me in about a year and maybe I'll have worked up to some curtains! :)

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  1. This so makes me want to pull out my machine and start sewing again. Seems the laptop has taken the place of the sewing machine on my desk. It's all good, but the laptop demands her time ;)